A day in the life of a booth bunny

Yesterday was the first day of FoWA, the Future of Web Applications tech conference, and although my wife was 8 days overdue with the birth of our first born, I offered to help at the Yahoo! Developers Network stand as a booth bunny.

So we had loads of people drop by our stand. Some of the just along for the schwag, but most did ask about Yahoo!s Open API offerings.

We seemed to have a substantial amount of people asking about our Geo APIs such as Placemaker, FireEagle and GeoCoding tools. Partly driven by Gary Gale’s series of Geo talks, luckily we had most, if not all, of Yahoo!s London Geo team manning the stand as well.

Our other APIs did also received significant love. Although I must admit that between gestating babies and developing for the Yahoo! homepage, I have not really put the necessary time towards playing with YQL to be able to talk about it as authoritatively as a such. Right now I could talk the legs off Facebook’s APIs and FQL, but they don’t pay me 🙂

So today still no baby, 9 days overdue and still counting. So I’m back at FoWA again today, as Monday the fun begins whether we want it to or not!

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