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A PHP developer in Django land

I’ve never used python except for a couple of occasions where I had a play on some CLI batch processes to see how I coped in a language I didn’t know. I have been looking for another open-source to get … Continue reading

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Hardware hacking update

Lindsey and Alex have gone away for a couple of days, leaving me with some alone time to work on hacking projects. Alex’s Mobile: the wood work has been assembled, and now needs some varnishing before I put all the … Continue reading

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Maker Projects – Alex’s Mobile

I’ve added a new section to my projects pages, and put a page in place for the baby mobile I’m creating for Alex. I’ve back dated a load of the updates, as I’d been meaning to post blog entries about … Continue reading

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Contraptor Shipped!

I got word from the Contraptor team the other day. My Contraptor kit has been shipped, and should be with me shortly. The team had some issues with the initial run of kits, so I’m getting a Beta set, and … Continue reading

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Facebook performance woes

Today Facebook launched their new privacy settings and forced all their users to update their settings. We noticed at Yahoo! that we were started to get lots of timeouts from Facebook’s APIs that we use on the Yahoo! homepage. I’ve … Continue reading

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