Using Jenkins for PHP CI

After a while of being completely absorbed in my (paid) work for the last six months or so, I’ve decided to kick back and revisit some old projects.

Before I get started I thought I ought to refresh my CI setup.

In my day job at the BBC we use Hudson with Maven as our build/CI setup. Hudson has now been forked into Jenkins (Oracle woes!) and whilst at the PHP developers conference earlier this year Sebastien Bergman talked about Jenkins-PHP

Setting up is pretty easy, I created an AWS EC2 Micro instance (free for a year with a new account, go go go) then follow the guide on Jenkins-PHP.

I did have a couple of issues getting the graphing to display on my instance, as no X console is installed (everything runs headless) a bit of googling later and a quick yum install dejavu-fonts-common fontconfig all was good. (Although some people seemed to need to remove and reinstall java for it to pick up the fonts).

Things I want to look into next are:

  • python django tools
  • cucumber testing
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