A PHP developer in Django land

I’ve never used python except for a couple of occasions where I had a play on some CLI batch processes to see how I coped in a language I didn’t know.

I have been looking for another open-source to get involved with again before I go to /dev/fort this August. The obvious choice for this was spacelog.org.

I checked out the Github project and got the site up and running (with a bit of tinkering as I use VMWare images so as not to clutter my laptop) to find it was running Django.

The previous week I’d also been along to the Guardian offices for their Developer Drop-in session, which had coincided with a meeting of the Redis User Group.

Spacelog also uses Redis as it’s datastore so I stuck around to chat and listen.

Michael Brunton-Spall spoke briefly about the Guardian’s use of Redis and mentioned in passing that he considered django’s templating to be the best he’d ever come across.

With enough coincidences under my belt for one evening I decided to spend some time investigating.

I worked through the django tutorials on the train home for a couple of nights (so about 40 mins to 1 hour) and everything looks pretty simple.

Next I decided that the CAMRA NBSS site I run for North Herts CAMRA Branch could probably do with a refresh. Last commit was over four years ago back when it lived it Source-Forge!

So starting afresh I decided real-ales.info would be a good site to play with django on.

I kicked off the project on Github today, and will see how far I can get.

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