Welcome to my blog

Let me introduce myself.

My name is Andy or Bob, depending on if you know me outside or inside of work respectively (it’s a longish story and the reasons should become apparent during the reading of this blog).

I live in Stevenage, Hertfordshire in England.

I’m a developer at Yahoo! in London, amateur photographer, marksman, electronic tinkerer, beer brewer and husband to my long suffering wife Lindsey.
I’m also the Treasurer of the Charity the runs our local Community Centre in Great Ashby.

We have two cats Pixel and Zero (whose full name is #000000, and yes, they are black cats, and yes I’m a big stupid geek)

The ramblings contained within this blog are not intended for any particular audience, but more a documentary for myself, so I don’t forget what I’ve done or am working on. Did I forget to say, I have a lousy memory!

Anyway, welcome and enjoy. <waves />

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