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CodeSniffer Part 1: Introduction to CodeSniffer

This is a rough transcript of a lightning talk I gave during a team meeting at Yahoo! completely off the cuff, but I am in the process of writing this up as a Yahoo! Tech Talk, and also, as this is not internally sensitive, like most of the stuff I’ve been working on for the last two years, I’ll see if it can be release on Yahoo Developers Network. Continue reading

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Marksmen and Developers

One of the things I enjoy about the sport of shooting is the almost Zen like mental state you have to get yourself into. I use my shooting time as meditation time, you have to shed all of those external … Continue reading

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Basic web security precautions you can take to limit phishing damage

A brief ramble on how I protect myself against exposing all my passwords by getting phished once. Continue reading

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London Amateur Brewers

A very enjoyable evening at the LAB, cut short slightly by my need to go home and get some sleep. So I missed the tasting session at the end, which is quite often one of the most enjoyable sections. I … Continue reading

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For Christmas just gone (2008), I saved up money from relatives and bought myself a Canon 400d DSLR. Photography is something I’ve been into on and off for about 25 years. When I was around 10 years old, I saved … Continue reading

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